Do I need a referral or are there any other requirements to make an appointment at your clinic?

You don’t need any type of referral from a doctor to visit our clinic. All you have to do is to make an appointment, preferably via the contact form on our website. You are not required to have any type of examination or test results but if you have some, you are encouraged to bring them with you, including reports from your previous fertility treatments.

Is there any age limit for IVF treatment at your clinic?

There is no legal age limit for IVF treatment in Slovakia, however for medical and ethical reasons we have decided to set our own age limit to 52 years of age for a woman.

Can single women and gay couples undergo fertility treatment at your clinic?

Unfortunately, Slovak law allows only straight couples to be treated for infertility with artificial insemination or IVF. However, single women can get their eggs frozen (social freezing) at our clinic and undergo treatment in the future.

Is it necessary to visit your clinic in person for the first consultation or can it be done online?

The first consultation can be made via Skype but since the doctor would perform an examination and some tests as a part of this consultation, it is necessary to provide us with the results of these from your local specialist beforehand.

The first consultation - what do I need? Do we both need to come?

If you have any results or documentation from your previous treatments, tests, examinations or surgeries linked to fertility, our doctor might need to go through it before your consultation. Therefore, we recommend that you send it in advance, to make sure the doctor has enough time to see it. However, this is only recommended, not required, since we can perform all the necessary diagnostics at our clinic. The treatment itself concerns both partners, so it is always encouraged to attend the first consultation as a couple, nonetheless, it is possible only for the female partner to attend it.

How much does infertility treatment cost?

The price depends on many factors including the diagnosis and the type of treatment. Typical IVF cycle costs 1100 € while IVF cycle with donated eggs costs 4490€. You can find more info about prices here.

What languages do you speak at your clinic?

At our clinic, we offer coordination in several languages, including English, Russian, German, Serbian/Croatian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Slovak. Treatment in some languages is available only in one of our clinics, however, English is available on both of them.

Do you allow gender selection?

No. Due to ethical reasons, we do not allow our patients to select embryos based on gender.

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