Other Treatment Methods

  • IVM
  • IUI
  • SOFT
  • Nativ cycle


What is IVM?

In vitro maturation is a method that allows the maturing of immature eggs outside the female body.
The main difference between IVM and IVF is that in IVM, the drugs needed to stimulate are used at the minimum, during a short period of time, and in small doses. The eggs that are taken from the ovaries of a female are immature. Maturation takes place in embryological laboratories in a special solution containing all the necessary substances and hormones for proper development.  This process of maturation takes 24 to 48 hours. Subsequently the artificially matured eggs will be fertilised using the ICSI method.

Who is IVM for?

The IVM method is intended primarily for females who cannot undergo full hormonal stimulation of ovaries but also for cancer patients.


What is IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the easiest procedure for assisted reproduction. The procedure is painless and does not require anaesthesia.

IUI procedure

The processed sperm of the partner or the donor is inserted into the patient’s uterus by a transfer catheter during ovulation. The procedure can be performed after a hormonal preparation of the female patient or without hormonal preparation, when we talk about a regular ovulation cycle of the woman.

For whom is IUI

IUI is recommended especially with immunological cause of infertility because sperm antibodies act directly in the cervix. The condition for this is passable fallopian tubes and at least 5 million sperm in 1 millilitre after sperm processing.


What is the soft cycle procedure

The soft cycle procedure is similar to the classic IVF. The difference is the application of lower doses of stimulation drugs and a shorter duration of hormonal stimulation than in classical IVF.
The stimulation is followed by egg collection, in vitro fertilisation in the laboratory, and subsequent embryo transfer. These procedures are the same as for the IVF cycle.

Who is the soft cycle procedure for

It is intended for female patients who refuse classical hormonal therapy with higher dosage.
Female patients who are at risk of hyperstimulation syndrome or female patients who want to have a minimum number of eggs fertilised.

Why soft cycle procedure

The advantage of the soft cycle is to minimize the possibility of inducing hyperstimulation syndrome, lessen burden for the patient due to lower doses of hormonal drugs, and a shorter period of hormonal stimulation. The soft cycle is financially less demanding than the classical cycle due to smaller drug consumption.

Native cycle

The native cycle procedure is similar to the classic IVF. The difference is in the female patient’s stimulation.  In the native cycle, in vitro fertilisation is performed without hormonal stimulation and no hormonal drugs are administered to the female patient.

The physician monitors the natural cycle of the patient and collects the egg once the follicle has matured. During the procedure, the patient is fully conscious.
The disadvantage of the native cycle is a lower success rate than with hormonal treatment methods with only one egg being obtained.

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