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Why freeze eggs

You cannot fool the biological clock of a woman; with the age, the function of the ovaries deteriorates and females after the age of thirty-five not have only a significantly bigger problem getting pregnant and carrying a baby, but there is also a higher likelihood of the foetus having Down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities. The solution is to freeze eggs at a younger age when they are of the best quality. This way, we can store them for you for the future. When the right time comes, we will thaw the eggs for you so you can use your best quality eggs for a successful pregnancy.

Who is the freezing eggs for

There are countless reasons why you should freeze eggs at a younger age. Whether you are career-oriented, a professional athlete, or you just cannot imagine being pregnant and having a family at a younger age. Maybe you do have not the right partner, you are going to undergo cancer treatment or have a dying ovarian function? Whatever the reason for a later pregnancy, do not let the biological clock force you into time pressure and stress.

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