As of September 2023, our clinics will become part of the REPROFIT clinic network.

We are combining our experience, expert teams, and know-how to bring you a higher success rate for your IVF treatment.

We are modernising our facilities to make you feel even more comfortable on our premises.

We are expanding our team of experts to bring you the best possible care.



Only what you really need to get pregnant Only what you really need to get pregnant
We always start with simpler methods before moving onto the more complex.
A personalised approach tailored to the needs of each patient A personalised approach tailored to the needs of each patient
Right from the start, our focus lies in uncovering the cause of infertility.
High treatment success rate High treatment success rate
Over 18,000 babies born.
A greater number of qualified experts A greater number of qualified experts
Thanks to our experienced team of specialists coupled with the latest technologies, our treatments have an above-average success rate.
Short waiting times Short waiting times
We strive to make the journey to your baby as short as possible. Thanks to ample clinic capacity and our extensive database of donors, we are able to minimise the wait time before starting your treatment.
Genetic testing Genetic testing
Genetic testing is an integral part of our specialised care. (Thanks to PGT, we are able to select a healthy embryo for transfer, increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy.)
Cutting-edge laboratories Cutting-edge laboratories
The most up-to-date equipment is guaranteed at our clinics.
New technologies and methods New technologies and methods
Thanks to our research department, we are implementing the newest treatment approaches and are able to help even couples with a complicated cause of infertility achieve pregnancy.
Open and friendly communication coupled with a high level of comfort for patients Open and friendly communication coupled with a high level of comfort for patients
It is important to us that you feel as comfortable as possible during this difficult period in your life. Therefore, empathy and a willingness to help are a given for us.
Sharing experience across our clinics Sharing experience across our clinics
We constantly strive to improve our knowledge by regularly participating in all major conferences and training courses.

Frequently asked questions

Why is ISCARE changing to Reprofit?
ISCARE and Reprofit have been working together for years, and are both sister clinics within the FutureLife clinic group. Our greatest shared ambition is to provide the highest quality of care possible, while achieving the best possible success rate and satisfaction for our clients. After considering our possibilities, as well as the existing limitations, the merger came out as the best way to achieve this goal. By combining the expert teams of ISCARE and Reprofit and their professional experience, we will be able to progress faster towards becoming the leading provider of infertility treatment in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
What changes can ISCARE patients expect as a result of the merger?
Something as big as the merger of two clinics inevitably brings a lot of changes. Our goal is to provide the same first-class care at all four of our branches. For that reason, there will be changes aimed at harmonising patient care processes, as well as implementing a unified information system. We thank you in advance for your patience during the introduction of these changes. We will try to ensure that you will only feel their positive effects, such as a reduction in waiting times, increased levels of comfort, expanded communication options with the clinic, and, above all, a higher success rate of treatment. We will keep you informed of any significant changes via our website and on our social media.
I am currently an ISCARE patient. What will happen to my embryos/eggs/sperm frozen at ISCARE at the moment?
Your frozen cells will not be affected by this change in any way. The ISCARE clinics will smoothly turn into Reprofit while continuing to operate as usual, and will remain on their current premises. This way, after the change, you can continue your infertility treatment or store your cells without having to take any additional action. In addition, the company name change will not have any impact on existing contracts or informed patient consent.
I am being treated at a Reprofit clinic in the Czech Republic. How will this change affect me?
Since our goal at Reprofit is to be as close as possible to our patients while bringing them high-quality and affordable treatment, we decided previously to open a branch in Petržalka. This allowed us to offer consultations and regular examinations and testing closer to you. However, it was still necessary to travel to the Czech Republic for treatment-related medical services. This will now change, and from September, you will be able to undergo your entire treatment, under the same conditions and with the same quality, in Slovakia as well. With this step, we are also becoming a contractual partner of Slovak health insurance providers, which means that you won’t have to request reimbursement from your insurance company for treatment received in Slovakia. However, if you wish to complete or continue your treatment at one of our Czech branches, you are welcome to do so and in that case, nothing will change for you.
What changes will the merger bring in terms of staffing?
Due to the merger, the Reprofit clinic in Petržalka has ceased its operations and its staff, including MUDr. Tomáš Bargócsi and MUDr. Monika Urbašíková, will continue working at the clinic on Prievozská Street. Additionally, our teams of nursing and laboratory personnel will be strengthened.

Each year, we help an increasing number of couples to conceive.

7,500 cycles
7500 cyklov
4,500 couples
4500 párov
over 18,000 babies born
více než 18 000 narodených detí

Our team of experts

MUDr. Tomáš Bagócsi
MUDr. Tomáš Bagócsi
Medical director of Reprofit Slovakia
MUDr. Michaela Grossová, PhD.
MUDr. Michaela Grossová, PhD.
Chief physician of the Bratislava clinic
Doc. MUDr. Stanislav Tomáš, PhD.
Doc. MUDr. Stanislav Tomáš, PhD.
Chief physician of the Martin clinic
MUDr. Pavel Otevřel
MUDr. Pavel Otevřel
Chief physician of the Brno clinic
MUDr. Andrea Rákosová Kagánková
MUDr. Andrea Rákosová Kagánková
Chief physician of the Ostrava clinic

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