Infertility Treatment

In Slovakia, about 15% of couples suffer from infertility and this number is growing every year.

An infertile couple is one who does not achieve pregnancy in case of regular intercourse for the period of one year. It is then necessary to visit the clinic and perform comprehensive examinations.

Modern infertility treatments offer a wide range of procedures that can help infertile couples in up to 97% of cases. Choosing a particular procedure depends on the cause of infertility. After an initial consultation with our specialists, we will individually prepare a treatment according to the patients’ needs. The first step to success is a thorough diagnosis with ISCARE offering the widest possible diagnostics “everything under one roof”. We offer urological, genetics, internal medicine, endocrinological and psychological services directly at the clinic – to increase patient comfort.

For treatment, we proceed from simple recommendations that are sometimes enough to succeed, to an effective solution to infertility using modern methods of artificial fertilization. We have been dedicated to infertility treatment for over 18 years. During this time, we have helped infertile couples to give birth to over 5000 children and we are rightly proud of it.

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